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Shock Absorber

  • Shock Absorber With Spring seat
Shock Absorber With Spring seat

Shock Absorber With Spring seat

  • OEN NO:OEM Standard
  • Car Model:All Vehicle
  • Warranty:2 Years or 60000 KMS
  • Material:Metal
  • Product description:

Shock absorber with spring seat uses high quality materials to make the seat bearing the spring, and combines with the structural features of strut cartridges to prevent breaking and leaking. It takes various measures to promote durability and driving experience.


1. The selected quality materials and constructional features minimizing breakage and leakage;

2. Hardened chrome plated piston rod for long service life;

3. All Weather Fluid which contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction;

4. Fully self-adjusting valves meeting the most demanding driver’s needs;

5. The pressured gas charged shocks provide the driver with better driving experience as the charged Nitrogen gas reduces the aeration or foaming inside and optimizes the performance and durability.

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