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Shock Absorber

  • Strut


  • OEN NO:OEM Standard
  • Car Model:All Vehicle
  • Warranty:2 Years or 60000 KMS
  • Material:Metal
  • Product description:

Strut uses high quality materials to make the seat bearing the spring, and integrates the mounting bracket into the body of the shock absorber in compliance with the suspension fixing requirement structurally, and makes the damping force more concentrated on the path of vertical movement of the coil spring.


1. All weather fluid which contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction;

2. Hardened chrome plated piston rod for long service life;

3. Multi-layer electroplated cracked and hardened chrome piston provides longer service life and consistent performance;

4. Nitrogen Gas Charged struts and cartridges that are developed with advanced technology provide excellent road control and outstanding drivability.