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Shock Absorber

  • Strut Cartridge
Strut Cartridge

Strut Cartridge

  • OEN NO:OEM Standard
  • Car Model:All Vehicle
  • Warranty:2 Years or 60000 KMS
  • Material:Metal
  • Product description:

ADD cartridge can control the impact of springs, and control the accuracy of wheel position in driving state. The durability of cartridge offers maximum vehicle grip and stability.


1. All Weather Fluid which contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction。

2. Struts cartridges are manufactured with materials of high quality and high mechanical properties to ensure the high performance and strong robustness.

3. Nitrogen Gas Charged cartridges are developed with advanced technology to provide excellent road control and superior steering experience.

4. Multi-lip Chrome plated piston rod for long service life.

5. The pressurized gas prevents air bubbling in the hydraulic fluid and vacuum in the working cylinder, which provides smoother fluid flow inside the oil reservoir.